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Mission Statement:

We are committed to helping you make your life’s monumental moments memorable and meaningful by providing you with beautiful white dove releases and displays. We strive to exceed your expectations and we will treat you as if you are our own family.


About Us:

Boyd’s Nest White Doves is an extension of a family hobby and business that originated in 1959. Our experience and heritage allows us to provide you with the highest quality service and most beautiful doves with thoroughbred blood lines. We are the premier white dove release specialists in Central and Northwest Ohio.

The white dove is a symbol of love, peace, purity, hope, new beginnings, and spirituality. Regardless of your occasion, a dove release and display is a magnificent spectacle with attached meaningfulness and symbolism.

Our pure white doves are a homing pigeon breed that gets pampered, well cared for, and thoroughly trained to return home, unlike the smaller, domesticated breed known as the ring neck dove that can not fend for itself in the wild nor find its way home. Since our doves are pampered and well trained we protect their welfare by not releasing them during inclement weather conditions.

Pricing varies between locations. Please call for immediate pricing in your area.

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