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Frequently Asked Questions
What is the release area for your dove releases?

We normally provide releases in an 80 mile radius of our home locations. Contact us with your date, time and location of event and we can give you a better idea.

Do I need to worry about doves having a mess during the release?

We hand pick the best birds available for a release that particular day. Although we cannot guarantee against this act of nature, we can assure you it has rarely ever happened.

Where do the doves go when released?

Our white doves are highly trained to return to their home location. Once the release happens the doves normally circle the sky a few times then head home where they have fresh food and water awaiting their arrival.

How many doves can be released?

This is completely up to our clients. Normally a wedding release consist of two doves and a funeral consist of one. Contact us and let us know what you envision and we will work with you on any number of doves for your release.

Can I have a dove release during the winter?

The doves can fly during the winter. Whether or not a release can be done during the winter is dependent upon location. Please contact us to see if a release is available for your event during winter months.

How does the weather affect a dove release?

If the weather is inclement, then the release will be cancelled and there will be a full refund. A BNWD release specialist will make the final decision hours prior to the release whether or not the release can go forward.

What if it rains slightly on the day of our release?

The doves can be released in rainy weather but if your guest are uncomfortable being in the rain, the doves probably are too. No release will take place during high winds, thunderstorms, lightning or blizzard conditions.


Contact one of our service specialists today.  We’ll answer your questions, and together we will come up with the perfect package for your special event.

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