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Boyd’s Nest White Doves, provide white doves for release at graveside services to celebrate the peace, serenity, and homecoming of your loved one’s spirit. Also, we offer a selection of ceremonial poems from which you choose to be read prior to the dove release. A beautiful white dove release is a meaningful way to say goodbye and will leave a special memory in the hearts of all who attend. We also offer the choice of a beautiful single white dove display that can be set up near the guestbook or the casket during calling hours.


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Below are some of our release options. Each option includes a ceremonial poem that is chosen by the family, personalized with name and year of birth and death, printed on decorative paper, laminated, and intended to be read prior to the release.

Single Dove

  • A single dove release is a wonderful symbol for mourners to envision their loved one’s soul making its peaceful journey to Heaven.
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Two Dove Release

  • Two doves are released individually. This can be used to symbolize the loved one’s spirit joining with the Holy Spirit in Heaven. Also, if a spouse has preceded the deceased in death, then this could be used as a beautiful symbol of the two souls reuniting.
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Trinity Release

  • Three doves are released and then followed by a single dove; a very moving and spiritual release symbolizing the loved one’s spirit joining the Father, Son and Holy Spirit in Heaven.
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Those Gone Before

  • One dove for each loved one gone before, followed by a single dove release. This symbolizes the recently deceased loved one joining their family in Heaven. This is a very touching release that helps the family honor those lost and celebrate the reuniting of the spirits of past loved ones who welcome home the new free soul. Many people find comfort in this symbol of freedom, peace, and homecoming. Price is dependent upon the number of doves released.
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Dove Display

We also offer a single white dove for display in a decorative cage with flowers and ivy. The display will be set up for calling hours. This choice can be used by friends and family as a unique alternative gift to flowers that offers meaning, symbolism, and beauty. Also, the dove display can be used independently or in combination with a release. Additionally, this is great option during the winter months when a release may not be possible. Display with prearranged flowers of white roses and ivy.


What Our Customers Are Saying

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“Life sometimes deals too much too fast. I lost both parents and a dear aunt in a mere 7 months. My only other sibling died in 2004 at the tender age of 59. I wanted to honor them all in a unique way. Andrea was super to work with and suggested various ways to accomplish my goal. We released 4 gorgeous doves graveside at my Mother’s funeral. The part that will forever remain in my heart is when the dove symbolizing my Mom went from my hands to the ground. Then my “Dad’s” dove was released, and it,too,went to the ground,but then the two flew skyward together!! The closure this event gave me can never be measured! …you all are terrific!!”



*The above releases are packaged options; however, if you have an idea different from a something described above, please contact us and we will work to create a customized option for your needs.

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